At a very young age, I became drawn to the way people connected with one another. This is colloquially known as people-watching, but I consider it to be an insightful young woman trying to navigate the world of human interaction.

I stumbled, unintentionally, into the world of photography at the age of sixteen, when my parents gifted me my first DSLR for Christmas. I had never taken an interest in photography before that, and it took me nearly a month to open the box and give it a go. When I did, a fire was lit beneath me that has only grown more fierce with time and experience.

My passion for capturing genuine human connection and emotion through my camera lens is what motivated me to take my business to the next level. I realized I was part of a special group of people who are gifted with the talent to freeze time. Capturing the raw and poetic nature of human relationships through my images quickly captivated me, and I am fortunate I was given the opportunity to turn it into a career.

I hope to get the chance to meet you and help you in capturing your memories in a way that will allow you to look back on your images in 5, 10, 15 years and remember exactly how you felt in those moments. The wind in your hair, the dirt beneath your bare feet, the soft embrace of your partner, the arms of your toddler wrapped around your leg, the tiny features and expressions of your brand new baby. This is the art of storytelling, and I would love the chance to tell your family’s story.

“Amber is an amazing photographer! Very creative and has her own unique style. Plus she is so gentle, patient and great with newborns. Definitely worth every penny!”